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Find more information about Crossref citation counts. The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. Clicking on the donut icon will load a at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. The field of RNA nanotechnology has advanced rapidly during the past decade.

A variety of programmable RNA nanoparticles with defined shape, size, and stoichiometry have been developed for diverse applications in nanobiotechnology.

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Other applications of RNA nanotechnology, such as adapting them to construct 2D, 3D, and 4D structures for use in tissue engineering, biosensing, resistive biomemory, and potential computer logic gate modules, have stimulated the interest of the scientific community. This review aims to outline the current state of the art of RNA nanoparticles as programmable smart complexes and offers perspectives on the promising avenues of research in this fast-growing field. Figure 1. Motifs for constructing RNA nanoparticles. RNA motifs are extracted from biological RNAs and, after in-depth structural analysis, can be used to generate higher-order structures.

The resulting RNA nanoparticles can be functionalized with targeting, imaging, and therapeutic modules for diverse applications in nanobiotechnology. Figure 2. Reprinted with permission from ref Copyright Elsevier.

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B Backbone modifications. C Synthetic RNA triplex to replace native duplex without compromising original function. Reprinted from ref Copyright American Chemical Society.

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Figure 3. Methods for constructing RNA nanoparticles. Adapted from ref Reprinted with permission from ref 21 copyright Oxford University Press and ref copyright Elsevier. Reprinted with permission from refs 18 and Copyright Wiley Publishing.

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Reprinted with permission from ref copyright American Chemical Societyref copyright Nature Publishing Groupand ref copyright Nature Publishing Group. C Computational approaches to expedite RNA nanoparticle manufacture and optimization.

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Adapted from ref and printed with permission from ref Copyright Nature Publishing Group. Figure 4. A Rolling circle transcription to construct RNA architectures and membrane. Reprinted with permission from ref 5 copyright Nature Publishing Group and ref copyright Nature Publishing Group.

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Copyright AAAS. C RNA arrays.

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Figure 5. RNA nanoparticles for therapy. A RNA aptamers and chemical ligands are used to specifically target tumors in vivo without accumulation in healthy organs, targeting glioblastoma, 63 breast cancer, 60 gastric cancer, 61 prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, 62 and head and neck cancer.

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B Targeting colorectal cancer metastasis utilizing RNA nanoparticles. Adapted with permission from ref D Riboswitches to regulate gene expression. E Thermodynamic properties of nucleic acids used for activation and reagent release. Figure 6.

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Copyright Wiley Publishing Group. C Multivalency of siRNA showing a synergistic effect on gene knockdown. Increasing the copy of luciferase siRNA shows drastic decrease in luminescence units.

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Figure 7. RNA nanoparticles for immunotherapy and chemotherapeutic delivery.

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A RNA nanoparticles display little to no immune response under normal conditions, but addition of immunostimulatory CpG sequences in huge increases in the immune response for cytokine production. Copyright Oxford University Press. B Methods for conjugation of chemicals and drugs to RNA nanoparticles. Figure 8.

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Panel A reprinted with permission from ref Panel B reprinted from ref The research in P. View Author Information. E-mail: [ protected]. Cite this: ACS Nano112— ACS AuthorChoice. Article Views Altmetric .

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Citations Abstract High Resolution Image. The field of RNA nanotechnology 1 has advanced rapidly over the past decade. Such motifs are used as building blocks to de nanoparticles with diverse size and shape by engineering parameters such as motif angle and sequence length.

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The physiochemical properties of RNA nanoparticles can easily be fine-tuned to tailor-make the nanoparticle for desired applications in vitro and in vivo. High Resolution Image. The rapid growth of the RNA nanotechnology field necessitates the preparation of an updated review.

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This article will outline recent advancements in RNA nanotechnology including recent technologies implemented to construct a stable RNA nanoparticle with diverse structure and function. Finally, we will discuss the potential of RNA in medicine and nanotechnology.

The core scaffold, targeting ligand, regulatory moieties, and therapeutic modules can be all composed exclusively of RNA. RNA nanoparticles display the simplistic characteristic of DNA canonical base pairing, while containing the structural flexibility and functional diversity characteristics of proteins. Noncanonical base pairing, base stacking, and elaborate networks of tertiary contacts increase RNA structure versatility while also increasing thermodynamic stability.

However, the fields of RNA research are not exclusive in their information. The emergence and advancement of the RNA nanotechnology field is not a simple incidence of the work by one single person but rather a collective effort of many insightful individuals. They recognized that this important finding would promote the visibility of their newly initiated journal Molecular Cell.

Thus, this ificant discovery was published in Molecular Cell 2 with a mini-review in Cell to feature the work.

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The editors at Cell asked Guo to recommend an authority in the field to review this finding, and Roger Hendrix was chosen. A strong boost to the RNA nanotechnology field can be credited to an invited review by Nature Nanotechnology 1 and a subsequent publication detailing the finding of a stable phi29 pRNA three-way junction implemented as an in vivo delivery system.

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To date, there have been two milestones in pharmaceutical sciences: 1 Chemical drugs and 2 protein drugs, such as antibodies, enzymes, hormones, or chemicals targeting proteins. Nanotechnology that revolves around the manipulation of biological materials is referred to as nanobiotechnology, which includes the field of nucleic acid nanotechnology. First envisioned over 30 years ago, 40 DNA self-assembly was exploited to form nanoparticles using the base-pairing mechanism A—T, G—C reviewed in refs 41 and DNA nanostructures including nanocapsules and other nanocarriers for drug delivery applications have since been constructed.

Each nucleotide is composed of a ribose sugar, phosphate group, and nitrogenous base. The most common bases are cytosine Cguanine Gadenine Aand uracil U. Besides base paring being important for RNA secondary structure, base stacking is equally important for nucleic acid stability. Many nanoparticle systems rely solely on passive targeting, such as the enhanced permeability and retention EPR effects.

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However, many positively charged nanoparticles cause toxicity and lead to unnecessary off-target effects. Furthermore, this polyanionic charge density le to extensive hydration and minimizes formation of a protein corona that can affect targeted delivery. RNA nanoparticles are functionalized with targeting molecules, such as chemical ligands or RNA aptamers, and therefore utilize receptor-mediated endocytosis to enter cells.

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